15 Things To Consider Before Your DIY Project Becomes A Money Pit

You took the leap and bought someone else’s dream home. Being a fan of home remodeling, you thought it would be a bit of work, and you would be living in the home you made into your dream home in no time. What you don’t see on those home remodeling shows is the real truth. It is not easy, and there are always risks when you tackle a project yourself, for home remodeling in NC. It takes planning, time and a lot of energy that you don’t always have access to in your everyday life. Putting things off because you don’t know where to start is another common excuse people have, after they settle in, and before they know it, it has been several years of regrets and being increasingly annoyed about that thing you hated before you even moved in.

Are you struggling to find the right time to start your project to cause the least amount of disruption in your life and that time just never seems to be available? Have you already started the project and now you never know when you will have time to finish? We’ve got you.  We have worked on multiple projects just like yours, and although they sometimes throw us a curveball, we have the team who is ready to catch it, and capable of dealing with the issues that arise along the way.  

When you hire us for your home remodeling in Wake Forest, NC, we have the list ready to make sure it is done professionally and properly, so that you can sleep peacefully when the details are left to us.

15 Things to consider before your DIY project becomes a money pit include:

  1. Permits how many you need, and which ones do you need before you start?
  2. Budget how much will it cost, how much do you have to spend, and what if there is an unexpected expense?
  3. Design what will it look like before and after the project is done?
  4. Style will need to match the current look to make it look and feel right when it is done.
  5. Blueprints the original blueprints are the ticket to know what walls are load-bearing, and what ones are purely there for looks only.
  6. Engineering if you need to maintain the structure of your home while you are remodeling, an engineer will need to review your plans before you start.
  7. Backup Plans what happens if…
  8. Electrical Work will you need to hire an electrician to add to your fusebox and update the electrical and wiring in your home?
  9. Plumbing concerns can be big or small. How will you fix a leak, or prevent one from happening after you finish the work?
  10. Finishing Touches to make it look like it was built originally with the home after we are done
  11. Timelines. How long should it take, how long will it take. Do you know?
  12. Safety Precautions safety is one of the most, if not the most important thing on a job site. How will you manage to keep the project from interfering with your everyday life?
  13. Structural Changes you do not want to cause everything to fall down.
  14. The order in which things happen. You don’t want to be in the middle of the job when you find out that you missed a step.
  15. Options available to you, the homeowner, to make sure you get the best result, not the one you hoped for but couldn’t achieve.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is worth considering everything here and more before you start home remodeling in Wake Forest, NC. Even with the best plans, there can be some major issues with what you want to accomplish with the remodel of your home. You want to have a home that is going to be your dream home, and having someone who can handle whatever comes up during the project is who you need to take it to completion with you, and for you.

At Three Six Builders, custom home builders in Wake Forest know the steps to take, and what order to take them in to make home remodeling in Wake Forest, NC a breeze for homeowners like you. There is nothing wrong with asking the experts to do the hard parts for you. It is something we really take pride in. Is your home remodelling job a little too big for you to tackle on your own? We live for this stuff! It’s a part of the services we offer at Three Six Builders.