Experienced Home Design Specialists

We are the most experienced custom home designers in Wake Forest and we will help you design your dream home. From clean finishes to modern architecture, we specialize in helping our clients design their dream homes with our unique feminine touch.


Your home should be your happy place, why wait to add a designer’s finesse? Whether it’s a custom design or refreshing the current design, we will help you achieve the goals you envision for your home. Three Six Builders team is dedicated to designing a space you will fall in love with.

We want to make your design dreams as stress and hassle-free as possible. We like to design plans that will best fit your present and future requirements. Whether you’re expanding your family, creating a guest room, adding a home office, or making a space for homeschooling, we want to help you plan for that. Your home should reflect your current and future needs beautifully.

Our goal is to turn your home into a space you can enjoy welcoming guests into. We want to maximize the space in your home to be exactly what you need. Optimizing your home is our top priority. Your space should be cherished and should feel like you belong in it. It is crucial to accentuate your home’s features like designing a space around a central focal point. If your house is older, incredible features can be hidden; We will enhance the gems in your home to create an opulent design you need to see to believe.

Kitchen Design

Everyone wants a clean, organized kitchen in their home that makes them feel like cooking. Organizing your kitchen is frustrating and can be like a jigsaw puzzle. With modern design, there are thousands of new ways to organize your kitchen to fit every piece into a space of its own. We all need our kitchens to be modern and beautiful. Your newly designed kitchen will make you want to put away the dishes, and put a smile on your face.

A clean kitchen counter has no room to share space with clutter. We have designed an effortless system that will keep your counters clear and your utensils organized. Kitchen drawer organizers are becoming a standard in the new modern wave of efficiency. A tall pullout drawer that contains four stainless steel cups to hold an array of kitchen utensils and two specialized knife holders is one of our brilliant solutions to a cluttered kitchen. So, say goodbye to the disorganization and hello to your new, sleek, and pristine kitchen.

Bathroom Design

We want you to have a spa-like experience every time you step foot into your own bathroom. Whether it is a cool, warm, or a neutral look you seek, we dedicate our services to help you find your balance. We understand design theory of modern styles, minimalistic styles, contemporary styles, traditional styles, and many more. You tell us what you are looking for and we will design your perfect bathroom.

A key part of designing your new space is the collection of color, texture and style elements you desire in your bathroom. We can help you find simple accent pieces to pull the room together. We will help you plan a unique design that best suits you and your house’s character. Designing a bathroom is exciting because you can create your own niches to fit your style and needs. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could consider changing the vanity to create a more functional space. A bathroom should be a sanctuary, filled with light and warmth that will make your reflection glow.

Living Room Design

Finding the heart of your home is essential to understanding the balance between your comfort and our design. With this, it is important to acknowledge that your home does not need to change structure, but should evolve with you. Whether it’s modern and clean or warm and cozy, we want to help you design your perfect living room.

When we consult with clients about designing their living rooms, it is not only the design style we consider. Lifestyles are also a key factor in living room design. The space needs to have the room for entertaining guests, but also accommodate the needs of your family for a movie night or family game time. When we meet with you, we will be asking how the room will be used, because it will help us design the areas within the room that need attention to detail. Once we understand how you will be using your living room, we will create a space to suit all of your needs with our finesse.