Hiring A Custom Home Builder In Wake Forest & Raleigh

We are the most experienced custom home builders in Wake Forest. From the floor plans to the foundation, we get a solid start with every custom build. We then bring in the feminine touch to complete every custom home with finesse.


Why You Should Hire Custom Home Builders in Raleigh NC?

When it comes to building your dream home, you don’t want to hire the first home builder you find in your initial search. The decision on who you are going to hire to build your custom home is incredibly important to the outcome of the build. The planning stage is just as important as the final result, your brand new home.

Three Six Builders takes pride in is our feminine touch, and it means we pay close attention to the details. Sure, you could hire any general contractor to build any house on the block, but this is your DREAM home, and our custom build. Our business is based on building your beautiful, custom home, to give you everything you NEED and everything you WANT. We take the details very seriously, and you can trust custom home builders in Raleigh with every single request for your brand new home.


Floor Plans

Drafting a floor plan should be a process that you are involved in. The beginning of every custom home build starts with a plan, and the floor plan is the footprint of your home. It is hard to imagine what it will look like from the blueprints, but that is why we are there to work with you for every single detail. We, being the custom home builder in Wake Forest, take the notes from our consultations with our clients to the drafting table. From there we create a blueprint for the floor plan, which we will modify until we get it just right. We will make sure that when you get the keys to take ownership, it reflects the dream home you imagined it to be.


Leslie started her journey to becoming a custom home builder when she worked for another company pouring foundations for homes. Her natural inclination was to learn how to build whole homes, after starting with a solid foundation. Without the foundation, there is nothing stable to build a dream home upon, and the basement is where a build begins when it leaves the drafting table and moves on site. When you have your plot of land, we as a reputed custom home builders in Raleigh take care of the custom home build, from the basement to the rooftop. You get to focus on picking your neighborhood, plot of land, and exact location, to make your dream home a reality.

Finishing Touches

Once the the walls go up, it is time to get a feel for what you need for your dream home to be complete. This is Amanda’s favorite part, when the home is coming together, and she can see it before you get the keys. She is there to make sure that when you open the door for the first time, you see a clean and inviting space. Our team of custom home builder In Raleigh NC will help you choose the exact finishes for every surface, the features you want, and the organization you need so that no space is wasted. When you are ready to move into your dream home, everything will be exactly the way you imagined it. We can’t wait to hand you the keys and say, “Welcome home!” to you!