The team to make your house your home


President / Owner

Leslie Privette, President, Owner and General Contractor of Three Six Builders, is a native resident of eastern North Carolina and a 1995 North Carolina State University graduate. In 2014, Leslie became a partial owner of a concrete business. The focus of this company was digging the footings and pouring foundations to build future homes on. While the frames get all the glory, the foundation is what gives a home it’s solid base. During this time, Leslie became interested in the projects she was involved with. She dreamed of being the leader who directs the build from start to finish. Three Six Builders is the result of following her passion to realize her dream.

Leslie obtained her North Carolina General Contractor (NCGC) License and started her first solo project in January of 2016. Since then, Three Six Builders now completes an average of 25 homes a year. In this busy and fast paced industry, Leslie and her team take on exactly what they can deliver. This ensures they can complete each project to client expectations, while maintaining her creative woman’s touch throughout the build.

Leslie enjoys exploring all of the possible variations in home design. She stays informed of current home building trends and has a knack for selecting materials to customize each project. Leslie believes in taking time to fully explain her vision and her design aesthetic to her clients for every project with efficiency. In communication, she uses industry language that is easy to understand and will spend time building a high level of trust and confidence with her clients. She will fully update clients regarding project phases and keep them well informed as work is being done. She will also help clients to select classic and current design elements for all aspects of their home.


Project Manager

Amanda started with Leslie Privette and Three-Six Builders as an office manager. She has been an amazing addition to our team, being with Leslie for 2 years. Since joining Three-Six Builders, Amanda has graduated from office management and is now more out in the field, managing home construction. She LOVES what she does.

Amanda will jump in to make sure a deadline is getting met. Whether it’s framing, plumbing, electrical, or finish work, she will make sure that the work gets done with the utmost quality and attention to detail.

Three-Six Builders are well known for being extremely organized, assigning everything to its place, whether in the office or on the construction site. While we are very easy-going, we are also extremely focused on quality, details, and organization. Amanda makes sure that every contractor knows everything has a place, and everything is to be in its place, when it is not in use. 

Amanda’s favorite part of building a home is when everything comes together, and she can see the final product. It is really cool to FINALLY begin to visualize the final picture of what the home will be, and imagine what it would be like to live there! Then it’s off to the next beautiful home.

We cherish the privledge of building a new home to help our clients create memories with their family.