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Leslie Privette


In 2014 Leslie Privette bought into a concrete business.  This company was one of the first steps in building a home – digging the footings and foundations for future memories.  While the frames get all the glory, the foundation is what keeps the home solid.  During this time Leslie became invested in the projects she started and dreamed of being the driving force in home building from start to finish.  Three Six Builders is the realization of that passion.

Leslie obtained her NCGC licence and started her first project in January of 2016.  Since then, Three Six Builders now completes on average, 25 homes a year.  In this busy and fast pace industry, Leslie and her team take on exactly what they can deliver, ensuring they can complete each project to client expectations.

Three Six Builders was awarded a silver medal in Parade of Homes 2019


Seo Manager

Amanda grew up on a horse farm and learned the value of hard work, so she’s not afraid of rolling up her sleeves and getting to work, nor is she afraid of getting a little dirty. Amanda isn’t quite a North Carolina Native, but she’s been here since she was 5 years old, so you would never know it if she didn’t tell you. 

She didn’t start out looking for a construction job. Amanda was just looking for a change. – What a change she got!

Amanda previously worked as a logistics coordinator for a cycling company, before she started with Leslie Privette and Three-Six Builders as an office manager. 

She has been an amazing addition to our team, being with Leslie for 2 years. Since joining Three-Six Builders, Amanda has graduated from office management and is now more out in the field, managing home construction. She LOVES what she does.

Amanda will jump in to make sure a deadline is getting met. Whether it’s framing, plumbing, electrical, or finish work, she will make sure that the work gets done with the utmost quality and attention to detail.

One of the cool things Amanda enjoys about working for a woman-owned construction company is the meticulous attention to detail. Three-Six Builders are well known for being extremely organized, assigning everything to its place, whether in the office or on the construction site. 

While we are very easy-going, we are also extremely focused on quality, details, and organization. 

It is very important to Amanda that every construction site be neat and clean. Leslie dislikes seeing messes when she inspects our job sites, and Amanda makes sure that every contractor knows everything has a place, and everything is to be in its place, when it is not in use. Three-Six Builders realizes that every construction site is a part of a neighborhood, and we have neighbors and buyers coming to see the site, so we aim to keep things neat and clean. 

Amanda’s favorite part of building a home is when everything comes together, and she can see the final product. It is really cool to watch all the hard work coming together, along with all the inspections, the finishes, and you can FINALLY begin to visualize the final picture of what the home will be, and imagine what it would be like to live there! Then it’s off to the next beautiful home.

We cherish the privledge of helping someone create memories of family in their new home.


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